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Region :- Leh, Ladakh, J & K
Duration :- 8 Days
Grade :- Difficult
Max Altitude :- 20,800 Ft.
Approx Trekking Km :- 40 Kms.

Batch 1 – >1st  July 2017
Batch 2 – >13th July 2017
Batch 3 – > 25th July 2017

Day 01: Arrival in Leh

There are numerous options to arrive in Leh, which is the administrative centre of the Ladakh region. You can come here all the way from New Delhi via road. Alternatively, you may also opt to take flights from New Delhi to Leh, or book trains to Jammu and complete the rest of the journey by road.



Day 02: Leh (Acclimatisation)

DSC_0466 - Copy
Day two is for you to continue gathering energy for the ensuing Stok Kangri trek, and acclimatise to the cold weather, high altitude and diminishing oxygen levels. You can also utilise your free time to stroll through the town, and learn about its culture. You may see the raw beauty of the Ladakh plateau, shop at local markets or pay visits to numerous Buddhist stupas and monasteries nearby. In the evening, return to your lodging for another overnight stay in the town.



Day 03: Leh (11500 feet) to Chang Ma (13087 feet) via Stok Village (11800 feet)
In the morning, drive to the picturesque village of Stok. It is located south of Leh, and from the vehicle, you will get enchanting views of naked mountains and the lush green fields nestled amidst them. The road goes through the Himalayas, and is lined with birch trees, which provide a rich contrast to the otherwise barren slopes of the region.


Stok, located at an altitude of around 11800 feet, is among the oldest inhabited places in Ladakh. The village was the residence of the former Ladakhi royal family, and a museum here displays their belongings. The most prominent attraction here is the Stok Monastery, which was constructed somewhere in the 14th century. Your Stok Kangri expedition begins after you arrive in this picturesque and culturally rich village. In the first stage, you hike through the mountains to Chang Ma. Your tents here will be set-up on rocky and treeless slopes, giving you a unique experience. It might be a challenge for you to get in and out of them as they would not be on flat lands, and will definitely elevate your challenge further.



Day 04: Chang Ma (13087 feet) to Mankorma (14200 feet)

This day, you travel more through the mountains, and ascend to greater heights. You will hike through the Himalayas for roughly 3 hours on a relatively easier track. On the way you pass some pretty streams and scenic high-altitude Ladakhi mountain valleys. As you cross the first brook, the scenery will change altogether. Till here, the mountains would have seemed grey and lifeless, but beyond the river, the angle and amount of sunlight will be such that the hills will become purple.



Day 05: Mankorma (14200 feet) to Base Camp (16300 feet)

The following section of Stok Kangri trekking will take you to the base camp of the summit. It will be a difficult ascent as the continuous gain in altitude will result in lessening levels of Oxygen. All along the hike, you will wind along rocky and narrow mountainous trails. Though you will face difficulty in climbing and breathing, the divine scenery will compensate generously for it, and make it a wonderful excursion. After you cross a hissing river, the trail will become wider and smoother, but will keep ascending. Along the way, you will see numerous alpine lakes, and their tiny ripples and waves will seem white due to the sunlight falling on them and illuminating them. You will also travel across mountainous meadows, where you may be able to see sheep grazing on lush grass.



Day 06: Rest, Acclimatisation and Training

Though it does not involve any hiking, this is one of the most important days of your excursion. The rest has been provided so that you are able to further acclimatise to the weather and topographical conditions, and also get the necessary information needed for scaling the summit


. Your  team leader will brief you about the different challenges and hazards you might face during the climb. Make sure you have snow boots as the snow will be soft, and as a result, your feet will sink in it. Also ask your guide about the trekking plan, the terrain of the region, and what all you need to do or carry. Post the briefing, explore the area, click pictures, relax.



Day 07: Base Camp (16300 feet) – Stok Kangri (20080 feet) – Base Camp
The morning brings yet another phase of long and rigorous mountaineering. Considering the length of the journey, it will be divided into a number of smaller sections, and you will stop to rest after each one. Starting from here you will travel to a glacier. You will first encounter a sharp and lengthy ascent, after which the altitude gain will become lesser. The slopes and your ascent will be gentle till you arrive at the magnificent river of ice, which originates from the peak.

You reach the glacier after a gruelling hike of approximately three hours from the base camp. The real climb to the summit of Mount Stok Kangri begins here. To reach the top, you will climb for about two hours more along the southern face of the mountain. The gradient of the slope here is almost 75 degrees, and the path contains loads of small rocks and enormous boulders. Remember to climb carefully as one little mistake can be dangerous. Post negotiating the rocky path for about an hour, you will see that the climb has become gentle, and it is way easier to walk now than it was before.



Day 08: Base Camp to Leh

The last phase of your Stok Kangri trek will make you travel for 12 km till you reach the village of Stok. On arrival in the village, board a vehicle and drive back to Leh. After you reach the town, transfer to your lodging and rest for the night.



Day 09: Departure from Leh

In the morning, travel to the airport to board your onward flight, or drive to New Delhi by road.


  • Accommodation during the trek ( from Day 1 till Day 8 in Home Stays and Camps )

  • Four times  meals a day – (all meals during the trek)

  • Trekking permits and forest camping charges

  • Services of an expert trek leader

  • Services of an expert trek team  (guides, cooks, helpers )

  • Vehicle from Leh City from Starting point to back 
  • Exclusions:

  • Meals during your stay at Leh
  • Food during transit is not included (to and from the base camp)
  • Backpack offloading charges – .Charges are additional for offloading last minute, on slope. The backpack cannot weigh more than 9 kgs. No suitcases/strolleys/duffel bags will be allowed.
  • Personal expenses of any kind 
  • Cost of emergency evacuation or Drop out from the Trek
  • Anything apart from the inclusions.


Terms & Conditions


Backpack carrying: We expect all trekkers to carry their own backpacks

ON SPOT OFFLOADING If for some reason a trekker is unable to carry his or her backpack, while on the trek  then he/she can offload the same by paying an additional charge. as per charged by the porter to be hired on spot.
Part offloading is not allowed. Charges will vary for last minute on slope offloading. The backpack cannot weigh more than 9 kgs. No suitcases/strolleys/duffel bags will be allowed.
For any climatic changes or  unavoidable circumstances a buffer day may be provided. A minimal on spot fee would be collected from each of the trekkers.
The transport is arranged in shared cabs. Transport to and  from Manali  from the nearest airport/railway station can be arranged by us at an extra cost .Participants are expected to share the cost likewise.. We only arrange the vehicle pick up and drop.Hence we are not responsible for any issues during transport.
Drop out during trek: If for any reason a participant has to drop out from the trek on any day then we will  make arrangements for his/her return to the nearest road head which is chargeable… A staff will accompany the participant to the nearest road head.

 Fitness: A high altitude trek in the Himalayas requires considerable fitness.
Non-liability: We are not responsible for any loss/damage of your gears/equipment or other belongings on the trek.

Payment:  (50 % payment  of the trek fee) OR (100 % payment of the trek fee) ACCORDING TO CLIENT PREFERRED CANCELLATION POLICY, has to be done online through credit/debit card or net banking. Cheque/draft or cash is not accepted. Payment can be done only after you have received an email confirming your position on the trek. An email containing an account number that allows you to make the payment online will be sent to you . and within 12 hours of  your payment , A mailCONFIRMING YOUR BOOKING for the trek along with the list to carry  would be sent to you accordingly.

The rest of the payment should be paid in Cash on spot at arrival at base camp.
Drinking alchohol or any form of intoxication during the trek is strictly prohibited. If found flouting the rules, your participation on the trek will be cancelled with immediate effect.

Documents required:

  • 2 photocopy of photo id proof (Voter Icard, Passport, Adhaar card) .Carry the original ID while coming for the trek


>> Attempt Stok Kangri only if you have done treks above 14,000 feet. If you are new to trekking, do not attempt the Stok Kangri trek.
>>Do not attempt Stok Kangri if you cannot spend at least 10 days in the mountains of Ladakh. And do not attempt Stok Kangri if you do not have the physical fitness to endure the trek . This requires a high order of physical fitness, for which preparation needs to start couple of months in advance.
>>LOCAL operators in Ladakh may give you an idea that Stok Kangri is an easy trek. and may not opt for acclimatizing  ..!Remember Acclimatization is a Key in this Trek.


Cancellation before  30days to the start of the trek  – 75% refund

Cancellation between 30days – 10days to the start of the trek ––25% refund.
Cancellation between 10days to the start of the trek – no refund
(Above policy is only applicable for full payment of trek fees in advance)

Cancellation before 30 days to the start of the trek – 25% of the ADVANCE PAYMENT refund

Cancellation between 30 days and the start of the trek – no refund.

(Above policy is only applicable for 50% of the trek fee in advance)

The above mentioned package price is net, non commission able…

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***Bring a Buddy  and get 10 %  off on all  Treks .Offer  Valid till 31st  March 2017

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